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It’s Okay to Be Happy at Workplace

It’s Okay to Be Happy at Workplace

Yes, it’s ok to allow yourself the luxury of being enthusiastic, light hearted, inspired, relaxed and happy at workplace. If you don’t do this, you are self-denying your true potential.

Unfortunately, many people think that a happy demeanor at office would appear ‘Strong’ and ‘out of place’ to other people including coworker, clients and employee.

Often they wrongly assumed that if someone is looking happy, he/she must be satisfied with the status quo and, therefore, lacks the necessary motivation to excel in his/her work or to go to the extra mile. And she/he simple can’t compete in a competitive environment.

This sort of thinking creates huge amount of stress at workplace. Many employers are of the view that they should not allow their employees to be very happy as they may lose their edge.

It’s absolute non-sense to believe that a relaxed, happy person is necessarily lacking in motivation.

In reality, happy people are almost always the ones who love what they do. It has been observed again and again that people who love what they do are highly motivated by their own enthusiasm and continue improving themselves and their performance.

They are not only good listeners but also quick learner. Further, almost all of them are highly creative, charismatic, easy to go around and very good team players. On the contrary if we consider unhappy people, we find that they often held back by their own misery or stress, which often distract them from success.

Rigid and stressed out people are a drag to be around and difficult to work with, always adding negative vibes in the environment. They lack motivation owing to their being consumed with their own problem, lack of time and stress.

Unhappy people often feel victimized by others and their working conditions.

It’s difficult for them to be solution oriented as they see everything as someone else’s fault. In addition, they are usually poor team players because they are often self-centered and pre-occupied with their own issues.

They are defensive and almost always poor listeners. Despite having o many negative traits, if they are successful, it is despite their unhappiness not because of it. If an unhappy, stressed out but successful person can learn to become happier, he or she will become even more successful.

So please rest assured. It’s okay to be happy, kind, patient and more relaxed at workplace. It will be to your great advantage – both personally and professionally. You won’t lose your edge.

Just be happy and be natural with a positive frame of mind at your workplace.

Dong this, you will not be uncaring or unmotivated. Rather you’ll feel more inspired, creative and driven to make an even greater contribution than you do right now.

This habit will give you the ability to see the solutions and opportunities where others see problems. Similarly, rather than being discouraged by setbacks or failures, you’ll bounce back quickly and resiliently.

I one read in a book that if we start thinking positively and act happily, positive force of the nature start attracting towards us. Dare to be happy and your life will begin to change immediately. Your life and your work will take a greater significance and it’ll feel like an extraordinary adventure.

Others will love you. Number of your friends will soar and that of your rivals/enemies will drop.