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TEC’s Offerings

Whether you’re just starting to research enterprise software or already navigating a complex selection project, providing clients with unbiased help is our core business. But TEC offers more, including extensive research and evaluation tools and services, such as

TEC’s Mission

Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) is an impartial software analysis firm. We do not represent, resell, or implement specific software solutions. TEC’s mission is to help organizations of all sizes identify the particular business software solutions that are best aligned to their individual requirements. TEC’s professional expertise covers the entire spectrum of business software, including:

  • Various other specialized and industry-specific software categories are listed in our complete solutions' directory

TEC’s patented online decision-support engine—TEC Advisor—lets users evaluate and compare leading software solutions side by side. It lets you access an industry-leading database of over 25,000 features and functions for more than 40 software categories. This powerful tool, along with our extensive team of professional analysts and software selection experts, plus our vast library of software selection data, benefits TEC’s clients in far less time than traditional consulting services.

Who We Serve

Our clientele consists of IT and other professionals, business executives, and CIOs from organizations of every type and size, around the globe, in industries including manufacturing of all types, professional services, retail, distribution and wholesale, health care, energy, financial services, education, and many more. In addition, we assist university students and professors interested in learning about current enterprise software technology and applications.

Vendor Services TEC’s Vendor Services Group can connect software vendors with a variety of analyst offerings, such as product certification or company accreditation, and other content delivery services to complement their own programs. If you’re a software vendor or VAR, contact TEC’s VSG for more information.

Media Partnership Opportunities TEC's Media Partnership program offers a customized, co-branded software evaluation center, developed by TEC, to select partners, so they can provide their own audience with industry-leading resources such as buyer’s guides, detailed RFP templates, and other valuable tools and informative content.

TEC Software Evaluation Campus Program Free to use, this program makes comprehensive and hands-on learning materials available to professors to teach their students the practical skills and techniques used by IT and business professionals around the world to evaluate and select enterprise software.