ALOIS Staffing

Modern Recruiting is at the heart of everything we do and deliver. It is all about relationships and engagement. In today’s social savvy world great candidates move fast, so we need our modern recruiters to move faster. At ALOIS, we believe that recruiting should be considered as a business partner, someone who is critical to the success of the business. That is the reason we have set an incredibly high bar for talent and quality and never compromise on it. Our effectiveness is rooted in providing our clients the flexibility to choose the partnership model that works best for their organization while fostering a collaborative and lasting partnership. We provide personal, relationship-driven service to our clients and are willing to go the distance to ensure their needs are fully satisfied. We are proud to call our recruitment model the Present-Day Staffing Solutions for clients across verticals including Technology, Healthcare, Financial Services, Biotech, and Manufacturing. We want our recruiters to be the Digital Warriors for our clients. For them to be the ‘Modern Recruiters’ we train them to: 1) Quickly assimilate information 2) Communicate effectively 3) Be targeted 4) Be consistent and personable 5) Build relationships and know how to not only find candidates but also get them to respond 6) Extensively use social channels and build a community that will provide value eventually We work with major Global MSPs and have extensive experience working with leading VMS tools. We have diligently aligned our recruitment model with the MSP-VMS solution environment and have built a metric based approach that compliments this solution. This has ultimately resulted in improved overall performance for both program managers and clients because they can rely on receiving the right talent, quickly, and under budget.