Board Infinity

Started in the year 2017, Board Infinity is a career exploration platform that solves career problems and creates job-ready talent for employers with the help of industry professionals. The platform has been able to provide career direction to alumni and students from 600+ universities and colleges in India. Based in Mumbai, Board Infinity boasts more than 1400+ leading industry experts on the platform, a strength of 100 employees and works with more than 400 companies in India. These leading experts are alumni of IIT & IIMs and are working in companies like P&G, HUL, Amazon, Accenture Strategy, StanC, Lupin, Aditya Birla, PwC, Flipkart.

They work on the following business models - Job Oriented Programs, Skill-based Learning, and Career Coaching. With these programs, Board infinity aims to build a skilling & employability ecosystem.  

The brand philosophy aims to address the employability issues. It tremendously helps students & learners struggling with their entry into the job market and working professionals facing tough situations during layoffs, pay cuts, etc.