TEAL Technology Services ( IBM & OCP Joint Venture)

  • Casablanca, Morocco

Teal Technology Services, a Joint Venture between two recognized global leaders, IBM and OCP (Office Cherifien des Phosphates) , was created to help accelerate the Digital Transformation journey for Morocco and Africa.

 A Master Service Agreement (MSA) was signed on September 30th between OCP and IBM Morocco. Teal Technology Services (TTS) was created to execute the IBM/OCP JV scope. Teal was born on December 6th, 2017

Our Mission :

  • Accelerate the digital transformation and improve efficiency of OCP Operations, leveraging advanced technologies such as cognitive computing, IoT and IBM Research Labs
  • Expand footprint beyond OCP
  • Have a meaningful impact towards national digital strategy
  • Drive cross-industry digital transformation for Africa to promote economic development and human capital
Jan 26, 2021
TEAL Technology Services ( IBM & OCP Joint Venture) Remote
- We are looking for candidates with over 10 years of experience on SAP and ideally with a first experience on S4HANA environnement. - Position is under CDI.