Team Search LLP

At Team Search, we understand that to achieve the big dream, you first need a dream team. Keeping this in mind we use our expertise to identify the skills sought by employers across industry verticals.

We are a young and dynamic organization managed by a team of professionals. Our motto is “Together everyone achieves more”. We believe in teaming up with an organization and working closely with them to arrive at the best solution for the need. The success of our associates business is of prime importance for us as that is the road to our success.

We specialize in the search and recruitment of top-notch professionals across levels and across a broad range of industries. We also provide Training to corporate on both functional & soft Skills across levels..

Brief Introduction

Finding the right talent is a challenge for every organization. The person has to understand the Industry dynamics and also fit into the culture of the organization. Attracting right talent is a complex process and the search process has to be tailored to individual assignment. Understanding the Candidates experience, his competencies and his motivation to change job is critical. Talent acquisition is the process of finding and acquiring professional executives for organizational needs and to meet any talent requirement. Talent acquisition is the ongoing cycle of processes related to attracting, sourcing, recruiting, and hiring (or placing) employees within an organization

We are a team of professionals with an in-depth understanding of roles and responsibilities of positions in various functions and at all levels.

Our past experience in the consumer industry and executive search business has helped us in developing an innate ability to identify candidates who not only have the talent and skills required but also the personality and bent of mind that makes the partnership between the employee and the organization work.

The knowledge of the client’s organization along with the understanding of market realities and development in the industry allows us to efficiently discharge the role of a placement consultant.