Emerge 360 Japan

Emerge 360 Japan K.K. - bilingual professionals for internationally minded companies

Our expert recruiters have extensive networks and relationships with the world’s best. 
These services will make you nimble in a gig economy (a labor market characterized by the prevalence of short-term contractors or freelance workers)

Direct placement
We are a collection of people who care deeply about our clients, family, friends and co-workers. Working together to solve our clients’ Consulting, Staffing and Managed Services needs is what drives us to work in the morning, powers us through hectic travel and keeps the wide smiles on our faces every day.

Contract—We are experts at identifying, referring and retaining great talent for a flexible contract workforce

Contingent—Flex your workforce to meet demand by using freelancers, independent professionals or consultants

Temp to perm—You can opt to hire new employees on a temporary-to-permanent basis instead of diving right in to direct hire to ‘test the waters’

Staffing—Our teams provide resources to augment your permanent staff. We provide the right talent for your culture that is committed to your project and schedule