Senior Consultant - Data Analytics

  • Freelancer
  • Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Jul 14, 2021
Business Analyst Software Development

Job Description

The Solutions Consultant will lead product commercialization, market analysis, customer product needs assessments, support and consulting, day-to-day technical escalations in maintaining the success of our customers. Solutions Consultant absorb complex technical concepts and communicates them to the project / delivery management, technical and sales team. S/he can identify opportunities for increased efficiencies, work with cross-functional teams to continuous improvement of products, services, operations, and competencies.

This position will be reporting to the CTO.

Level / Grade: Manager


  • Consult with clients to understand requirements, define challenges, and arrive at solutions.
  • Work closely with CTO/Technology Architects in Architecting technical solutions and agile project plan.
  • Articulate solution and approach in a clear, concise manner and be able to deliver it as planned.
  • Constantly work towards achieving above-and-beyond value to customers.
  • Cultivate and sustain a highly motivated team to deliver solutions at speed with quality.
  • Encourage participation of teams to discover solution offerings utilizing new technologies relevant to future client needs.
  • Work towards a stream-lined delivery process and achieving the targeted profitability.
  • Publish blog posts and stay active in forums.


  • A degree in Computer science with related technology experience.
  • Very good understanding of Cloud and Data engineering technologies.
  • Excellent communication, a knack to connect with customers and give genuine care.
  • Sincere and humble dedication in solving problems.
  • Exceed expectations and deliver experiences that breed customer loyalty.
  • Ability to manage time and energy, to respond to customers quickly and promptly.
  • A craving for working in a challenging, fast paced and constantly evolving work environment.